Simple to use.

Use your mobile device to quickly create and publish inspections

Create and publish inspections using iOS or Android devices

Use the TrueCondition Retail Inspection app available for both iOS and android to create custom, detailed condition reports. The easy to use app allows anyone to quickly capture every detail from a minor scratch to luxury features.

Once completed, quality conditions reports can be published instantly.

Vehicle inspections appear within your website inventory

With our CDK app plugin, setup is simple and published condition reports automatically embed into your personal website beside your inventory.

Easy to access inspections add transparency, trust, and value to both your inventory and image.

Buyers view detailed online condition reports from your website

While consumers are spending considerable time online researching a vehicle to purchase, finding dealerships that provide a "full disclosure" vehicle inspection provides incredbile value, building trust and consumer condifence.

A sense transparency comforts customers and boosts sales.

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Tons of Features

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Mobile Access

Create and publish on the go with the cross-platform TrueCondition retail inspection app.

User Friendly

A clean, intuitive design for both vendors and consumers. Easy to create, easy to view


Your custom vehicle inspections appear on your website instantly.

Highlight Features

Include OEM build data in the inspection to highlight vehicle equipment and options packages.

Emphasize Reconditioning

Incorporate reconditioning in the inspection directly from your service system.


Publish your standard vehicle inventory photos to your website.

Fully Transparent

Earn consumer trust by connecting them to detailed, buyer friendly vehicle inspections.

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